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Code Review comes with many different patterns that you can use to display the features you offer your clients.

You can find these pre-made patterns inside the “Features” category when adding a pattern to your page.

The features patterns are created from service element patterns, which are found in the “Elements” category of the pattern inserter. You can swap out a service element pattern from a features pattern by deleting it and then going into the pattern inserter and inserting the service element you want there instead.

There are also main features patterns that create bigger feature sections with a cover block and some text. You can use these patterns to really highlight your product’s top features (you can use Apple’s product pages as a great example).

By default the cover block has no overlay opacity, which works well if your photo has good contrast with the text. Otherwise, you’ll want to add in about 50 to 70 percent opacity so that people can read the text.

Using the Icon Block

Code Review utilizes The Icon Block to display the icons for each feature item. You will need to have this plugin installed and activated for it to work (you can do that right from the theme’s option page).

With this plugin, you can either use one of the icons included with the theme, which you can select by replacing the icon or add in your own SVG icon.

To learn more about how to use this block, check out the plugin’s documentation.