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The accordions block allows you to add an accordion section to your content. This can be really useful for frequently asked questions or any other section of content where you have a lot of information to share but don’t want to take up too much space on the page.


  • This block uses all of the spacing (margin/padding/block spacing), colors, borders and typography settings.
  • This block also uses inner and child blocks, including the accordion, accordion title and accordion body blocks.

How to use this block

  • Using the accordions block is really easy. When you add the accordions block, it will also add an accordion section block as an inner block. – This section block has an accordion title block where you can put the heading for the section and an accordion body block where you can put the content for the section.

To add in more accordion sections, navigate to the accordions block and hit the plus icon in the bottom right corner of the block.

You can also choose the icon type for each accordion section (plus/minus icon or arrows).

Make sure that each accordion section has a unique ID.