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The download search filters are a group of blocks that allow you to create a search and filters section for your Easy Digital Downloads downloads.

The downloads search filters block is the container block that you’ll need to use. This ensures that all of the filters look for only the downloads post type when you hit submit. You’ll add the other filter blocks inside of this one.

The download category and tag search allow you to display a dropdown of download categories and tags for a user to select from.

The download search block allows someone to enter in search terms to search the downloads for.

And the download search filters buttons allows you to display the search and clear/reset buttons for the section.

How to use these blocks

First, you need to make sure that you have Easy Digital Downloads activated.

Next, you’ll want to add the download search filters block.

If you’re creating a vertical filters section, you can just add in the other blocks you want (make sure to include the search buttons block). If you’re creating a horizontal row, add in a columns block and add the other blocks to the column.