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The marquee block allows you to show a section of horizontally scrolling text in your content. This can help call attention to something you want — like a sale. It’s not recommended that you use this block a whole lot on your site, but it can be helpful when used right.


  • This block uses all of the spacing (margin/padding/block spacing), colors, borders and typography settings.
  • Attributes
    • Marquee width – The width of the marquee section.
    • Marquee speed – The speed of the marquee. This is measured in seconds, and the higher the number, the slower the marquee will go.
    • Marquee content – The text that will scroll in the marquee.

How to use the block

Creating a marquee is really easy. Add the block where you want it to be in your content. Then add the content for the marquee. Finally, you can adjust the colors, spacing, typography and other settings as well as set the speed and width of the marquee. When you hit publish, the marquee will show up in your content.