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The Tabs block allows you to create a tabbed section in your content. You can align the tabs either horizontally across the top or vertically along the left side. This can be another great way to present a lot of information but not take up too much space on the page.


  • This block uses all of the spacing (margin/padding/block spacing), colors, borders and typography settings.
  • This block also uses an inner blocks (tab section) where you can add in your content for that tab (and use other blocks as well).
  • Attributes
    • Tabs – a list of tabs and tab ids so that you can list the tab titles and link to them.
    • Tabs Align – Whether to align the tabs horizontally or vertically.
    • Tabs Spacing – How to space the tabs list.

How to use the block

To use the block, once you’ve added it to the page, you’ll need to fill out the tabs list in the block settings. For each tab, you’ll need to add a title and give it an ID. Then when you create a tab section, you’ll need to assign that tab section the corresponding ID from the tabs list in the parent block.

To add in a new tab section, you can navigate to the parent tab block and then hit the plus icon in the bottom right corner.