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The Crosswinds Framework comes with several different full page patterns you can use on your website for a variant of different situations.

Default Page

Included in this category are default page patterns. These include page content with no sidebar and page content with a right or left sidebar. You can utilize these patterns when editing your default page template in the site editor. Just remove the existing section and replace it with your preferred pattern.

404 Page

Like the default page patterns, the error or 404 patterns are included here. You have the option of no sidebar or a left or right sidebar.

Homepage/Landing Page

Finally you can easily create a homepage or landing page with just one pattern. First, you’ll need to create a new page and select the “Page with No Header” template (or the blank template).

Then go to “Patterns” and “Homepage”. Next, select the homepage pattern you want to create. Once the pattern is loaded in the editor, start to edit the content and add your own images to complete the page.