How to Create a Homepage with Agency Anchor

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Creating and setting up the homepage for your website with Agency Anchor is really easy.

If you’ve imported demo content for your website, simply go to the “Home” page and start editing that page. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to create a new page. Then next to “Template” select the “No Page Header” template. This removes the page header that can be found on the default page templates.

Once you’ve done that, I highly recommend starting with a hero section and using the H1 block and paragraph block to write something that welcomes someone to your website and briefly describes who you are.

The rest of the homepage is completely up to you. You can use any of the page block patterns to build out the page.

Feel free to play around with it and find what works best for you. That’s the beauty of the block editor and site editing with WordPress.

When you’re ready, hit “Publish” or “Edit” to make the website live. Also, make sure to go to “Settings” and “Reading” in the left-hand admin menu in the dashboard and set the homepage for the website to be this page.

You can also pick from one of the pre-built homepage patterns from the modal that appears when you create a new page. If you don’t see the modal, you can go to add in a new pattern and choose the “homepage” category to see those patterns.

Now you have an awesome homepage for your website.