What is the Crosswinds Framework?

WordPress recently changed the way you can create websites with the world’s leading CMS. With block themes and site editing, you’re no longer restricted with what you can do for the design of your website.

From customizing colors and fonts to changing your header, footer, your homepage, blog page and everything in between, you can create an entire website right from your dashboard. And blocks and patterns allow you to create cool functionality and designs throughout your pages.

The Crosswinds Framework (along with the FREE Crosswinds Blocks plugin) takes those new tools and makes them even better for you. The Framework gives you patterns that allow you to create entire pages, change the header and footer and customize every template on your site. And the patterns library makes it easy for you to create amazing pages without having to write any code. Plus, the Framework is built with accessibility, performance and responsive design in mind, so you’ll truly be getting the best WordPress site editor experience.

Or you can choose from one of the niche Crosswinds Framework child themes that can help you create an entire website in just minutes.

It’s the perfect way to create the website you’ve always wanted for your business, organization or just for yourself!

No Code Experience Required

Create Your Website with No Code

For the longest time, if you really wanted to customize your WordPress website’s design, you needed to learn PHP, HTML CSS and maybe some JavaScript. If you wanted a dazzling design that brought in customers, clients or readers, you needed to hire a web designer and/or developer to help you out.

But not anymore. The new WordPress site editor along with the power of the Crosswinds Framework puts those days in the past. Now you can create any type of website you want right from the editor. And the Crosswinds Framework comes with design guardrails that help you easily create great designs no matter what device your site is viewed on.

Welcome to the future of creating awesome websites!

Use the WordPress Site Editor to Build Your Website

The WordPress site editor is a game changer for how users can create and manage your website. You can build your entire website in the dashboard without touching any code. The Crosswinds Framework taps into these new features along with amazing patterns, better responsive designs and more to create a dazzling website for yourself or your business.

Create Your Own Sections and Patterns

You also don’t have to just stick to the patterns that come with the Crosswinds Framework. You can use the site editor to create your own sections and patterns the way you want them to look. So let your imagination go wild.

Screenshots of the header and footer patterns modal for the Crosswinds Framework plus colors and fonts panels
Screenshots of various Crosswinds Framework templates in the site editor
Screenshots of the Crosswinds Framework patterns
Screenshot of the blog page on the Crosswinds Framework page patterns

Block Patterns

Build Your Website(s) Quicker with Block Patterns

Block patterns are now a staple in how you create pages with the WordPress block editor. These patterns, which can range from something as simple as a single blog post to as complex as a pricing table, portfolio section, services section and more, make creating great pages quick and easy. And the Crosswinds Framework comes with many, many different patterns to help you design and build an amazing website.

Patterns Designed for All Devices

Also, every pattern that comes with the Crosswinds Framework is built to look great on all devices. Grids have just the right number of columns for each screen size. Fonts and margins shrink right with the screen size so that everything looks nice and neat. And even headers, footers and menus look great on mobile. You’ll never have to worry about how your website looks on mobile again!

Block Library

The Crosswinds Blocks plugin adds a number of blocks that you can use throughout your site. From post navigation and related posts to a grid block that can help you create amazing designs to social sharing and even tabs and accordions, the plugin gives you the tools to really add cool functionality to your website.

Seamless Integration

While the Crosswinds Blocks plugin is built for the Crosswinds Framework, the plugin and its styles are theme agnostic. That means it can work with any theme you use on your website. It’s a versatile plugin that can work on any website!

Crosswinds Blocks

Add More Functionality with Crosswinds Blocks

The other half of the Crosswinds Framework is the Crosswinds Block companion plugin. This free plugin adds in extra functionality, such as additional blocks, various custom post types and even more design tools. And the best part is that it can also work with other themes!

Screenshot of the different blocks that come with the Crosswinds Blocks plugin

Niche Child Themes

Find a Niche Child Theme for Quicker Building

The most powerful part of the entire Crosswinds Framework are the niche child themes that can help you quickly create a great website. Each of these themes focus on a specific niche to give you a great design to match what you need to build. It’s a great way to get a head start on creating an amazing website for yourself or your business!

Screenshots of the homepages from the Crosswinds Framework child theme demo sites

Additional Patterns to Help You Create Great Pages

Each child theme comes with additional patterns that are dedicated to that niche to make creating your website much quicker and easier. Whether it’s patterns to display products in your store, showing the features for your amazing software or showing your business’ services, you can use these patterns to build great pages for your site.


A Theme That Helps Your Website’s Performance

Performance is everything in today’s online world. You need your pages to load quickly to keep the attention of people. You also need your website to perform well with SEO and Google so that people can find your website and your business. The Crosswinds Framework helps give you an advantage in both areas.

Minimal Resources for Quicker Page Load

One of the biggest ways the Crosswinds Framework helps your website load quickly is that it doesn’t need to load a lot of resources in the first place. Everything under the hood — from CSS to JavaScript to images — is minimized as much as possible so your users don’t need to wait for a lot of things to see your pages.

Screenshots of patterns from the Code Review theme
Screenshot of the Crosswinds Blocks single content block
Screenshots of pages on the Agency Anchor demo sites
Screenshots from the Local Services demo sites

Build Your Own Website

Create a Website for Yourself, Your Business or Your Organization

The Crosswinds Framework works great if you just need to create a single site for yourself or your business. You can pick from one of the many niche themes or use the base Crosswinds Framework theme to start with a blank canvas. So no matter what type of website you need to create, you can do it all with the Crosswinds Framework.

Limitless Options for Creating Your Website

Complete customization means complete customization. From the colors and fonts to the header and footer to all of the different page templates, you can customize it all right from the dashboard. You’re not limited to only the options the theme picks for you. You’re in complete control of everything.

Quickly Create New Websites for Clients

The Crosswinds Framework helps you create amazing websites for your clients in less time than traditional websites. With the site editor in WordPress, you can create entire websites right from the dashboard and not have to worry about code. And the Framework gives you the tools to great websites, from better responsive controls and a library of patterns. You’ll be able to create great websites in no time!

Build Websites for Others

Create Amazing Websites for Your Clients

The Crosswinds Framework also works great for agencies and developers that need to build websites for their clients. You can use any of the niche child themes to cut your build process time in half. Or you can start from the blank canvas of the base theme and create the website you need.

And the Crosswinds Blocks plugin means you don’t have to hunt down a ton of block plugins to add the functionality you need. It’s the perfect way to create amazing websites to dazzle your clients.

Screenshot of pages from the Code Review demo sites

Getting Started

How to Get Started With the Crosswinds Framework

Ready to take your new website to the next level? Want to try out the new site editing experience in WordPress in the best way possible? Then it’s time to tryout the Crosswinds Framework today and see just what you can create for your website today!

Download and Install the Crosswinds Framework

The first step to working with the Crosswinds Framework is to, well, download the Crosswinds Framework base theme. This theme will unlock the WordPress site editing features on your website and provide a base for the way your website looks.

Find a Niche Child Theme You Like and Install It

If you’re looking for a design that matches what your business needs and want to get a head start, then you’ll want to check out the niche child themes. These are a mix of free and premium themes that are designed for specific niches, so you’re bound to find one you like to use for your website.

Tutorials and Guides for Getting Started

You aren’t alone in your journey of creating a website with the Crosswinds Framework. There are tutorials, documentation and guides that can help you walk through various parts of the process, from how to change colors and fonts to how to customize your blog post pages and everything in between.

Accessibility Ready

Your website should be accessible to everyone browsing the internet. And the Crosswinds Framework can help you make sure it is. The Crosswinds Framework, Crosswinds Blocks plugin and all child themes are built following the WCAG 2.0 standards so that everyone can use your website.

Screenshots of the Code Review pages

Translation Ready

The Crosswinds Framework already comes translated in a variety of different languages, including Spanish, French, German and Italian. And it’s ready for you to translate it into a different language using Loco Translate, WPML or any one of the WordPress translation plugins.

Screenshots from the Local Services demo sites

Premium and Rapid Support

Run into an issue with the Crosswinds Framework? No worries. You’ll get rapid support for any bug you discover. I’ll work to get things fixed up as quickly as possible to keep your website running.

Screenshot of the different blocks that come with the Crosswinds Blocks plugin

Quality Code Under the Hood

The Crosswinds Framework is built using the best WordPress and web development practices. You can always depend on the code to be secure and dependable for your website.

Screenshots from the Journal Notes demo sites
Screenshots of pages from the Crosswinds Framework demo site

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Screenshots of home pages on the Agency Anchor demo sites
Screenshots of various layouts of the Portafoglio homepage template
Screenshot of pages from the Code Review demo sites
Screenshots of the home pages from the Local Services demo sites