Use the Crosswinds Framework for Your Next Website

Screenshots of pages from the Crosswinds Framework demo site
Screenshots of various Crosswinds Framework templates in the site editor

How You Can Use the Crosswinds Framework to Create Your Own Website

The Crosswinds Framework is perfect for anyone who wants to create their new website and customize it without having to worry about PHP, CSS, Javascript or any coding. With an extensive pattern library, improved design tools, an assortment of blocks to use, an array of niche child themes to get a head start on building a new website as well as important under-the-hood features like accessibility and performance, you’ll have a website to be proud of in almost no time!

Screenshot of the Crosswinds Framework Demo homepage as well as a screenshot of the same page in the site editor with screenshots of the colors, text and blocks panels in the site editor
Screenshots of the site editor with Agency Anchor plus the colors and styles panels
Screenshot of the Code Review theme in the site editor with the colors and styles patterns

Extensive Pattern Library to Quickly Create Pages

The look of your website matters a lot in today’s world. You want your website to stand out from the crowded online world. The Crosswinds Framework helps you make that happen. From simple element patterns to larger patterns, like services, testimonials, team members and more to even entire pages created from a single pattern, you can create a dazzling design without the need for any code.

Every pattern that comes with the Crosswinds Framework is designed to look as great as possible. From a layout that works in today’s online world to the colors and sizing to how it looks at smaller screen sizes, your website will look amazing no matter what.

Finally, do you want to create an entire page with just one click? No problem! The Crosswinds Framework comes with many different full page patterns that allow you to build a homepage, landing page, blog page or nearly any other type of page in just a few seconds.

Screenshot of the page patterns in the Code Review theme
Screenshot of the page patterns for Local Services
Screenshots of the many patterns that come with Portafoglio
Screenshots of patterns included in the Agency Anchor theme
Screenshots of home pages on the Agency Anchor demo sites

Get Started Even Quicker with a Child Theme

The most powerful part of the entire Crosswinds Framework are the niche child themes that can help you quickly create a great website. Each of these themes focus on a specific niche to give you a great design to match what you need to build.

Plus, the child themes come with their own set of patterns, from displaying products to showcasing your greatest work to highlighting your business’ services or your product’s features and everything in between. And you can import an entire site with one click to get started even faster.

It’s a great way to get a head start on creating an amazing website for yourself or your business!

Screenshot of pages from the Code Review demo sites
Screenshot of the homepages for the Commerce Street demo sites
Screenshots of the home pages from the Local Services demo sites
Screenshots of the Crosswinds Blocks grid block in the post editor and the panel of additional tools from the plugin
Screenshots of the Crosswinds Blocks grid block
Screenshots of the Crosswinds Blocks post navigation and social share content blocks
Screenshots of the Crosswinds Blocks breadcrumbs block
Screenshots of the Crosswinds Blocks accordion and tabs blocks

Block Library to Quickly Add More Functionality

The Crosswinds Blocks plugin adds a number of blocks that you can use throughout your site.

In addition to the grid block, you’ll also be able to easily add accordion and tab sections to your posts and pages. Or you can add in custom post navigation or related posts sections to your blog posts. And you can easily add in an area for people to share your content with their friends and followers on social media.

Plus, you can highlight any piece of content you want, so you can show off a blog post that you want people to read or showcase your best project for all to see on your homepage.

All told, there are over 20 blocks you can quickly add to your website for even more functionality.

Tutorials and Guides to Help You Create Your Website

Creating a website on your own can be a bit of a scary thing. What do you do if you run into a problem or get stuck with an issue? With the Crosswinds Framework, you won’t have to worry about that.

You’ll be able to find all of the documentation you need right from the settings screen for whichever theme you choose. From how to use the various patterns to how to customize the various templates, you’ll be able to find out how to do anything.

You’ll also be able to take a look at full-fledged guides that will walk you through how to create your type of website step by step.

And you can always check out the blog here for tips and tutorials on how to do amazing things with the WordPress site editor and the Crosswinds Framework.

You’ll always have what you need to create an amazing website!

Accessibility ready

Your website should be accessible to everyone browsing the internet. And the Crosswinds Framework can help you make sure it is. The Crosswinds Framework, Crosswinds Blocks plugin and all child themes are built following the WCAG 2.0 standards so that everyone can use your website.

Screenshots of pages from the Crosswinds Framework demo site

Performance focused

Performance is key in today’s online world, and the Crosswinds Framework is built for speed. It will help you keep your website loading as quick as possible. With lean code and utilizing new WordPress styling tools, you won’t have to worry about your website taking too long to load.

Screenshots from the Local Services demo sites

Premium and rapid support

Run into an issue with the Crosswinds Framework? No worries. You’ll get rapid support for any bug you discover. I’ll work to get things fixed up as quickly as possible to keep your website running.

Quality code under the hood

The Crosswinds Framework is built using the best WordPress and web development practices. You can always depend on the code to be secure and dependable for your website.

Screenshots of the Code Review pages
Screenshots from the Journal Notes demo sites

Stay Up-to-Date with the Crosswinds Framework

Not quite ready to use the Crosswinds Framework yet? No worries! You can sign up for the Crosswinds Framework newsletter to stay up-to-date with everything Crosswinds.

In addition to updates about the Framework, you’ll also get product discounts, tips for creating a website with the site editor, inspiration for your website and so much more! And it’s all 100 percent free.

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Screenshots of home pages on the Agency Anchor demo sites
Screenshots of the home pages from the Local Services demo sites
Screenshot of pages from the Code Review demo sites
Screenshots of various layouts of the Portafoglio homepage template