The Crosswinds Framework as well as the Crosswinds Blocks plugin and all child themes are now available for purchase and/or download!

The launch of the Framework culminates a lot of work that’s been put in to help you upgrade your WordPress site editor experience. In addition to great themes that will make your website look good, you’ll also have access to more design tools to help you build amazing pages and blocks to add more functionality to your site.

To get started with the Crosswinds Framework, head on over to the Get Started page to find everything you need to help you build an amazing website with the WordPress site editor today!

What is the Crosswinds Framework?

WordPress recently changed the way you can create websites with the world’s leading CMS. With block themes and site editing, you’re no longer restricted with what you can do for the design of your website.

From customizing colors and fonts to changing your header, footer, your homepage, blog page and everything in between, you can create an entire website right from your dashboard. And blocks and patterns allow you to create cool functionality and designs throughout your pages.

The Crosswinds Framework (along with the FREE Crosswinds Blocks plugin) takes those new tools and makes them even better for you. The Framework gives you patterns that allow you to create entire pages, change the header and footer and customize every template on your site. And the patterns library makes it easy for you to create amazing pages without having to write any code. Plus, the Framework is built with accessibility, performance and responsive design in mind, so you’ll truly be getting the best WordPress site editor experience.

Screenshots of pages from the Crosswinds Framework demo site

More About Crosswinds Blocks

The Crosswinds Blocks plugin adds in even more functionality to help you take your website to the next level.

The core of the plugin is the block library that adds in simple but powerful blocks that you can use in your posts and pages. There are blocks that add in post navigation and related posts sections for your blog pages. You can also add in social sharing sections so people can share your content with their friends and followers.

There are also accordion and tab sections that allow you to present a lot of information in a contained space. And there are very simple blocks that make tricky things, like breadcrumbs and the copyright date for your footer, super easy.

And for those who want to scratch their design, it comes with a grid block to help you create complex designs as well as tools for using flex box on all group and column blocks. Oh, and it helps you a lot with the responsiveness for all of your designs, so your website will look great no matter what device it’s viewed on.

As you’ll see, it’s a very simple plugin but it can add a whole lot to your website, even if you don’t use one of the Crosswinds Framework themes.

Screenshot of the different blocks that come with the Crosswinds Blocks plugin

Available Child Themes

The Crosswinds Framework also comes with six different niche child themes to help you create your website even quicker.

Agency Anchor

Your website is one of the best marketing tools in your tool belt, especially if you’re a web or digital agency. This is where you can show potential clients what you can do for them and display some of the amazing work you’ve done for others in the past.

Agency Anchor can help you craft the perfect website that highlights all of the great work that your agency does. You can use the projects post type to display previous projects to show what you can do. You can use the many different patterns to create unique pages, or you can choose from pre-built page patterns to create a new page in just seconds.

Plus, the theme has support for both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, so you can sell services through your website, making getting paid so much easier on both sides.

And with a variety of colors and fonts included with the theme, you can quickly customize your website looks all without having to worry about messing with code.

Agency Anchor will help you create the website that will get you more clients working with you.

screenshots of various demo sites build with Agency Anchor

Code Review

Whether you’re selling physical tech products or software, you need to have a website to sell those products. And the Code Review WordPress theme helps you create an amazing website in just minutes.

Utilizing the power of the WordPress site editor and Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce, Code Review makes creating a unique store without touching any code easy.

You can use the demo site importer to import an entire website in under a minute. Or you can use one of the many page patterns to create your homepage, store page, team page, contact page or any other page with just one click. Or you can use the 200 plus patterns to craft your pages the way you want to.

Plus, you can easily swap out colors, fonts and block styles to give your store the look and feel you want.

It’s the best way to create the perfect online store you’ve always wanted.

Screenshots of the Code Review pages

Commerce Street

Selling online is incredibly popular these days. You can extend your reach to the entire world and allow people to buy your products without needing to step into your store.

Commerce Street makes creating an online store quick and easy. The theme taps into the power of the WordPress site editor which allows you to customize your colors and fonts, change any templates you want and build amazing pages right from the dashboard. No coding required!

The combination of Commerce Street and WooCommerce also allows you to add in products, manage orders and add in extras like shipping labels, extra payment gateways and so much more to create a powerful store you can manage right from your website.

And with over 200 patterns and numerous page patterns, you can quickly create your homepage, about page, team page, contact page and any other pages you need for your website.

Commerce Street is your one stop shop for building an amazing online store for your business!

Screenshots from the Commerce Street demo sites

Journal Notes

Everyone seems to have a blog these days. And Journal Notes gives you a nice and easy entry into the world of blogging.

The theme is super simple to set up. You can just add in your great posts and you’re good to go! There’s really nothing to it.

But there’s even more power to Journal Notes. Tapping into the WordPress site editor, Journal Notes allows you to customize your entire website, from how the site title looks to the colors and fonts used on the site and so much more. Plus there are a variety of different patterns that you can use to change how your posts are displayed as well as crafting your pages.

So whether you want something super simple that you can start with in just minutes or the ability to really make this blog your own, Journal Notes will help you start your blog today!

Screenshots from the Journal Notes demo sites

Local Services

Your business needs a website so people can find you in today’s world. And the Local Services theme can help you quickly build the website you’ve always wanted.

The theme allows you to showcase your business’ amazing work so potential clients and customers can see what you can do for them. Plus, you can also easily add in a blog to show your expertise in your industry.

You the bundled importer to quickly import demo site content to have a complete website in just minutes. Or use the many full page patterns to layout your homepage, team page, contact page and any other pages you want on your website. Or you can use the 150-plus patterns to craft your own unique pages just how you want them to look.

Plus, with colors and fonts that can be switched out in a moment’s notice, you truly can make this website fit your business without touching any code. It’s the best way to create your new website!

Screenshots from the Local Services demo sites


You need to have an online portfolio if you work as a freelancer in today’s world. And Portafoglio makes it super easy to create a good-looking portfolio in just several minutes.

In addition to a projects custom post type where you can show the great projects you’ve worked on, the theme comes with over 150 different patterns you can use to craft amazing pages to really show off what you can do. Plus, Portafoglio includes several different page patterns, which allow you to create great pages with just one click.

Plus you can pick and choose what colors and fonts to use, help you craft the perfect website that’s unique to you.

If you want to create a portfolio website that you fully control and helps you show off your work in the best way possible, then Portafoglio is the perfect theme for you!

screenshots of various demo sites built with Portafoglio

Get Started with the Crosswinds Framework Today!

Ready to get started right now? Awesome! You can get started with using the Crosswinds Framework by heading over to the Get Started page! Here you can just download the free main theme and plugin, selecting a child theme or purchasing the All Access pass to get access to everything!