Please welcome the Portafoglio WordPress portfolio theme.

After several months of development and fine tuning, Portafoglio is now available for purchase and use on your portfolio or personal WordPress website.

A portfolio website is a requirement in today’s world. The online world presents a great opportunity for you to get your work in front of people who might hire you on either full time or for a project that might not have otherwise seen your work.

And since Portafoglio is a WordPress block theme, that makes it easy for anyone to create a portfolio website that truly matches who they are. From customizing the colors to changing how all of the various templates look, you’ll be able to make this website your own without touching any code.

Whether you’re a photographer, writer, videographer, designer or just want to create a website to showcase your best work, Portafoglio can help you create the website that reflects who you are quickly and easily.

Top features of Portafoglio

Portafoglio comes with a ton of great features to help you create a portfolio website. You can see them all over on the theme page, but here are a few of the best ones.

Completely customizable

As I mentioned previously, Portafoglio is a block theme that takes full advantage of the new site editing features in WordPress core.

That means you can customize every part of your website. You can quickly change the colors to match your own branding. You can change your header and footer look. And you can also customize how the templates — from the default page template to the single post and portfolio templates and everything in between — look.

Portafoglio gives you total control over how your website looks if you want to completely customize it.

Oh, and you don’t need to know any code to do it, so you can quickly create the website of your dreams today.

Portfolio custom post type

No portfolio theme would be complete without a portfolio custom post type. Portafoglio comes with a custom post type to put your portfolio projects in and two custom taxonomies to sort your projects.

That means you also have a single portfolio projects template that you can customize to look different from your blog posts and really make your projects look amazing. And with several portfolio patterns, you can easily show your best projects on your homepage as well.

And if you already have portfolio projects from a previous theme, you can easily change the post type slug for those projects right in your dashboard.

Over 100 block patterns

Portafoglio also comes with a ton of great block patterns that can help you quickly create cool pages.

From testimonials to hero sections to resume sections to a ton of various query patterns to pricing tables and so much more, you’ll be able to trick out your homepage, landing pages and any other page you want on your website. And you’ll be able to create those pages so much quicker than before.

Style variations

Finally, Portafoglio comes with four different style variations to choose from. There are two light and two dark patterns, allowing you to quickly change how your website looks with just a few clicks of the button in the site editor.

And if you want something that matches your personal branding, you can even customize each of the colors used in the theme to truly make it your own website.

Who is Portafoglio for?

Obviously this is a great theme for anyone looking to create a portfolio website, especially those in college who need a website to showcase their best work. The start up guide included in the purchase will walk you through all of the steps you need to take to create the perfect portfolio website.

But Portafoglio is also a great theme for those looking to create a simple personal website. You don’t have to use the portfolio custom post type for portfolio projects. You can use them for photo galleries or anything else you want to keep separate from regular blog posts. I’m actually using it in that way right now on my personal website.

So whether you need to create an online portfolio or just want to have a personal website to call home, Portafoglio is the perfect WordPress theme for you.

Take a look at Portafoglio

So are you ready to start creating your portfolio or personal website using Portafoglio right now? Head on over to the theme page to take a deeper dive into what the theme can do for you! You can see screenshots of all of the various templates, view the theme demo and learn more about the theme.

So get started on creating an amazing portfolio website with Portafoglio today!