Portafoglio 1.1 is now available for purchase and updating!

This release brings a handful of fixes and several new features to the theme to help it be a great option for creating a portfolio website for yourself.

So let’s dive into what’s new with Portafoglio 1.1.

Easily import demo site content

One of the biggest additions coming with Portafoglio 1.1 is a built-in importer which will allow users to import one of five sets of demo site content.

Using the form on the options page, you can choose to quickly create a personal, design, photography, videography or writing website. The theme uses a similar setup to the WordPress XML importer. Once the import is complete, all you’ll need to do is go to the reading settings and set the newly created “home” page as your homepage for the site.

From there, you can start adding in your own content and customizing the homepage and all of the various templates to make it your own.

Also related to this new feature is a new options page which will make it easier for you to add in the license key, convert old portfolio custom post type and custom taxonomy slugs and get support if you need it.

New fonts and style variations available

Another new addition to Portafoglio with this update is new fonts and style variations a user can pick from for their website.

Previously, FigTree was the only font available to use with the theme. Now a user can also choose from EB Garamond, DM Serif Display, Raleway, Quattrocento and Open Sans.

Also, I’ve added in a couple more style variations with more color options and utilizing the new fonts. You can check out what the style variations look like over with the theme demo sites.

Scrolling effect for button clicks for the same page

A small change that can have a pretty good impact on your website is a scroll effect for button clicks that go to another section on the same page.

This will primarily be used for a button you might have in the hero section that takes a reader either to the next section on the page or to a section where they fill out a form or perform some other action.

Again, it’s a small thing but it can give your website a cool animation when navigating through the page.

RTL support

Another small-ish feature is the added support for RTL languages.

Now if you use an RTL language for your website, the theme styles will support the change, allowing your website to continue to look great in your language.

Pre-loaded icons for The Icon Block

Finally, I’ve added some icons for The Icon Block to expand the selection of icons you can add to your posts and pages.

I’ve taken the free Font Awesome icons and hooked them into the block. So now you have more options for icons to use throughout your website.

You can also add in your own SVG icons through the block as well if you want.