So I just wanted to give a quick update on where things stand with the Crosswinds Framework release here in August.

At the moment, the release date remains to be determined.

The first piece of the puzzle in the Crosswinds Blocks plugin. The plugin will need to be in the WordPress Plugin Directory first as the Crosswinds Framework requires it for functionality, and the theme wouldn’t be allowed in the theme directory until the plugin is available.

Unfortunately there is a massive backlog with the WordPress Plugin Directory. When I submitted the plugin, there were 861 plugins ahead of it and an estimated 70 days before it would get an initial review. So that certainly puts things in a bit of a predicament right now.

So things are on a bit of a hold at the moment while I wait for the plugin to be reviewed and approved.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on testing the themes out so they’re ready to go quickly once the plugin is in the directory. I’ve also finished off the Crosswinds Framework documentation website, and I’m working on various tutorial videos and other marketing materials. So there’s still a lot going on, and I really can’t wait to release it.

If you want to test the beta version of the Crosswinds Framework, you can download it from the GitHub repository. And you can download the version of the Crosswinds Blocks plugin I sent to the plugin directory from its GitHub repository.

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